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by Charles Mee
directed and produced by Slats

August 12th, 2008
Firehouse Theatre Project
Richmond, VA

featuring the ensemble work of:
Lindsey Ackerman
Matt Chmielewski
Emily Hicks

Director's Note

You will never see this again.

No matter if you spend the rest of your life seeing Charles Mee plays, if you follow the work of anyone in this ensemble, even if a video of this performance surfaces somewhere and even if the four of us work together again (and I hope we will), you will never see this again.

Because theatre is a collaboration between all of us who put it together and you, the audience. It is affected by every life experience everyone in the room has ever had, it is affected by the room, it is affected by the weather, it is affected by everything imaginable. You will never see this again, but by existing, it has affected you.

Even when it's gone.

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