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kiss of the spider woman

music by John Kander
lyrics by Fred Ebb
book by Terrence McNally

directed by Slats and Steven Hajar

Produced through NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, GAP Program Board

November 3-7th, 2009
Shop Theater

Choreographer: Sebastiani Romagnolo
Music Director: Gina Salvia
Set Designer: Terence Anderson
Costume Designer: Jaime Wright
Lighting Designer: Miriam Cross
Dramaturg: Micky Chorny

Producer: Juliette Monaco
Production Manager: Michael Ulreich
Production Stage Manager: Maegan Sacco

Aurora: Allyson Briggs
Luis Molina: Michael Walker
Valentin Paz: Collin Leydon
The Warden: Mariel Blatt
Molina's Mother: Mary Lane Haskell
Marta: Julie Benko
Marcos: Ryan VanDen Boom
Esteban: BJ Olson
Gabriel: Luke Marinkovich
Aureilo, Carlos: Nick Hovsepian
Fuentes: Billy Hart
Emilio: Jeffrey Wei
Jésus: Travis Slavin
Amnesty International Observer: Maddy Apple
Aurora's Girls: Maddy Apple, Katie Lee Hill, Gillian Munsayac, Karlee Fomalont


Director's Note

Our choice, as movie goers, is this: do we live in the world of actuality, or the reality we create inside our heads?

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